Congratulations to

Congratulations to these sailors who have sailed their way to the top of the Optimist fleet over the course of the 2019 2020 season.  Unfortunately the honour of representing New Zealand is in name only. The NZIODA committee have unanimously decided  not to send our travelling teams overseas this year to represent our country due to the legal requirements of employing coaches overseas and challenges with travel insurance and quarantining requirements due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This of course does not take away from each sailor’s huge achievement.  I am sure we are all aware of the dedication and work ethic required to achieve at this level.  The top 25 sailors who are still eligible to sail Optimists at IODA events next year have been invited to attend a special clinic in September sponsored by the OWNZ Trust to help them to prepare for the 2020 2021 Sailing Season.

The Worlds Team who would have been travelling to Italy:

  • Joe Leith from Murrays Bay SC
  • Sean Kensington from Kohimarama YC
  • Noah Shirley from Murrays Bay SC / Kohimarama YC
  • Jasper Camenzind from Murrays Bay SC
  • Noah Malpot from Nelson YC
  • Coach – Sam Mackay

The European Championship Team who would have been travelling to Estonia:

  • Alex Norman from Murrays Bay SC
  • Will Leech from Charteris Bay YC
  • Louie Poletti from Queen Charlotte YC
  • Hermione Aris from Murrays Bay SC
  • Coach – Kim Buchanan

The North America’s Team who would have been travelling to Mexico:

  • Tom Rebbeck from Wakatere BC
  • Fred Burrage from Kohimarama YC
  • Valentine Kayrouz from Wakatere BC
  • Tom Pilkington from Wakatere BC
  • Coach – Susannah Pyatt

The Asian and Oceanian Team who would have been travelling to Sri Lanka:

  • Oli Stone from Kohimarama YC
  • Miro Luxford from Charteris Bay YC
  • Liam Richards from Wakatere BC
  • Winston Liesebach from Napier SC
  • Joshua Ferrissey from Murrays Bay SC
  • Ben Catton from Charteris Bay YC
  • Cameron Brown from Wakatere BC
  • Charlotte Palmer from Charteris Bay YC
  • Nicola Hume from Murrays Bay SC
  • Jessica Redpath from Murrays Bay SC
  • Coaches – Wade Tresadern, Kerensa Jennings
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