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Tuning Guide

This tuning guide from North Sails is designed to provide you with the information for the key controls that influence the shape of your sail. Having the correct sail shape can be the biggest determining factor in the speed of your boat and your success on the race course.

This guide is split into two sections, leech and luff, each one with its controls and North Sails also provided details for the centerboard height, hiking straps, etc. With this information you will know how to set up your sail and boat for all conditions

Download the North Sails Tuning Guide HERE

You can also download One Sails Tuning Guide Table HERE 

Read HERE for tips, tricks and videos from Marco Gradoni , three times World Optimist Champion on  how to  tune  your Optimist  Sail.

NZIODA Mast Rake

Below is a table which has suitable sail and mast rake combinations according to weight.

These may vary slightly depending on the conditions and skippers skill level but will serve as a good starting point:

Sailor Weight (kgs)

Mast Rake (metres)

< 40 kg

2.79 m

40-50 kg

2.80 – 2.83 m

45-50 kg

2.83 – 2.84 m

>50 kg

2.84 – 2.85 m

In +20 knots, rake aft 2 cm for all weights.

Remember this is only a guide and all mast lengths vary slightly which will affect your rake. Also make sure your mast is a firm fit in the collar and there is no sideways movement so energy is lost, fore and aft movement is good because it helps rake the mast the correct way to improve performance.

Once you have found a rake you like, mark the mast step so you can repeat the setting and also check to see it has not moved. Some of the good sailors have two rake settings a heavy and a light setting this is a good idea because of the increased mainsheet tension you need to run in the breeze.


NZIODA Nutrition for Sailing

This 15-page guide lifts the lid on nutritional science and has all the information Opti competitors need to perfectly prepare for before, during and after race day.

Did you know that your brain performs 10–15% slower when only slightly dehydrated? Or that the human brain is the only part of the body that can’t store sugar?


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You Are on Your Way!

A guide to White and Open Fleet for Opti parents


NZIODA Technical Guides

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Click here to register and receive your NZIODA Handbook. “It all starts here!” A Guide for New Optimist Parents – Learn to Race and Green Fleets” is full of information and top tips.

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