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Replacement Registration, Measurement Certificate or Change of Ownership

NZIODA have decided to simply and reduce cost to parents with regards to replacement registration, measurement certificates or change of ownership for boats 10 years or older.

If your optimist has sail number 4499 or lower you will no longer need to have a registration/Measurement Booklet and you are now NOT required to purchase a new booklet for general regattas or when you are selling/buying an optimist.

However, if you are competing in Gold Fleet at a Ranking Regatta you will need to obtain a Replacement Book organized through the NZIODA Registrar.

This simplified process only applies to NZL registered Optimists while sailing in New Zealand.

The current NZIODA Registrar is Kathie Elliott at Sail One, 29 Leighton St, Grey Lynn, Auckland if you have any queries or require a copy of the form please contact her at:    

Information on Sailor Registrations for the 2021/2022 Season

The New Zealand International Optimist Dinghy Association (NZIODA) is the classes national governing body for ‘Opti ’ Sailing in New Zealand.  The International body is IODA and the Optimist is the largest one design class internationally.  The Opti provides introduction to a great fleet of friends, coaches, clubs and options to have fun in boats.

NZIODA is a parent volunteer committee that assists in collaboration between sailors, coaches, clubs, suppliers and regulatory bodies.  NZIODA offers a structure to ensure such a big fleet works together, help each other and enjoy the start of a lifetime of sailing and learning.  As we are such a big Opti fleet we benefit from a big bunch of sailings friends.

Membership of NZIODA offers a range of benefits:  These include:

  • Access to regular email newsletter updates from NZIODA addressing up-coming events, tips and hints to improve skills, and regatta reviews
  • Eligibility to participate in NZIODA led Optimist training programmes
  • Eligibility to compete in Opti qualified NZIODA Championships
  • Selection for NZ representation in overseas IODA convened regattas

Membership fees are applied to assist in funding the following:

  • Develop Sailor and Coaches Pathways to benefit of all New Zealand Opti sailors
  • Develop materials to clubs and provide assistance to club coaches in evolving their Opti programmes
  • Meeting costs associated with convening ranking regattas including Nationals as well as assisting with the provision of trophies and prizes
  • Meeting surplus costs associated with other special events
  • Administer the affairs of the Association including IODA entries in overseas regattas, compliance fees, insurance, website maintenance and class administrative costs

Please note:  NZIODA aims to bolster funds through securing sponsorship.  Our aim is to maintain reserves sufficient to aid in the ongoing development of the class in New Zealand.

Much of the hard work undertaken to create the opportunities provided by NZIODA is performed by a hard working committee who generously donate their time.

The membership year operates from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022.

To register your sailors with NZIODA please enter your sailors details in the following registration site using the current season registration link.

Please note: Once you complete registration form you will receive an confirmation email with the payment details. Once you have paid there is a manual process to reconcile your payment with the registration record which will trigger a registration completed email. If this is delayed, please don’t be concerned as it can take some time to process.

Registration enacts your sign on/off identity necessary to enter any ranking events or camps. Annual subscription will allow the association to invest in maintaining country leading systems, amazing officials and continuing to enhance and improve the experience for all sailors, families and organisations involved in this fantastic class.

The 2021/22 season fees have been set at:


Learn to Race$0.00
Green Fleet$50.00
White Fleet$100.00
Open Fleet$100.00

Updated 24.08.21

Register here.

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