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Selection Criteria for NZ Optimist Sailing Team

At the 2021 TOYOTA Optimist Nationals, NZIODA will announce the Top 25 Ranked Sailors and the 2021 Optimist Worlds Team. All other Travelling Teams will be announced at a later date once Teams have been confirmed.

Selection for 2021 is as follows:

RegattaAllocated Places
IODA WorldsTop 5 ranked sailors
IODA EuropeansNext top 4 ranked sailors (must include 1 from the opposite gender)
IODA AsiansNext top 10 ranked sailors (must include 3 from the opposite gender)
Japan Friendship RegattaNext top 2 ranked sailors. This regatta is by invitation from the regatta organisers who may stipualte other criteria but traditionally the sailors must be 12 years old (not opti age 12).
Noumean Development SquadTop 5 twelve year olds and top 5 eleven year olds based on National Championship Results. NOTE: Sailors can only go once to a development squad and if are or have previously been selected for an NZIODA travelling team they will not be eligible for a development squad.
Girls Development SquadUp to 12 top ranked Girls inside #100 Ranking to compete in New Caledonian Nationals, Noumea. NOTE: The Girls Development Squad takes precedence over the Noumean Development Squad. 
Renaissance Junior Gold Cup, BermudaTop Ranked Sailor – This regatta is also by invitation from the organisers who may stipulate other criteria 
Updated 15.07.20
Renaissance Junior Gold Cup, Bermuda

Please note that the Committee will determine whether it is feasible to attend due to COVID 19 as developments unfold.

Dates: 2021 Dates to be confirmed (typically 1st week in May)
Venue: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
Sailors:    1st Girl or 1st Boy ranked after NZIODA Nationals for the season 2020/2021 dependent upon criteria set by Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
Coach: No coach
Manager: Parent of sailor
Updated 10.07.20

2021 marks the 19th year that Renaissance Reinsurance has sponsored the prestigious Junior Gold Cup in Bermuda.

Entry to the Renaissance Junior Gold Cup if by invitation from the regatta organisers.

This event is run in conjunction with the Argo Group Gold Cup professional World Match Racing Tour event, this mini “world cup” invitational brings some of the most accomplished youth sailors from around the world to Bermuda for a youth sailing event contested in International Optimist dinghies.

Renaissance Reinsurance provides in conjunction with the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club provides coaching, charter boats and equipment for competing.  Sailors representing North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Caribbean attend.

Once in Bermuda local families host the young sailors.  The backdrop of the Argo Group Gold Cup match racing event running concurrently with the youth event provides the real bonus for all the kids entered in the regatta with the young sailors attending the dailThe Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup will conduct four fleet races per day on Great Sound.  The event is run by volunteers from RBYC and BODA.  The final day usually sees the championship sailed on Hamilton Harbour during the final rounds of the Argo Group Gold Cup if time and conditions allow.

NZ Optimist Sailors:

2020Joe Leith – Qualified MBSCN/A
2019George Lee Rush WBC1st
2018Lucy Leith MBSC21st
2017George Lee Rush WBCtbc
2016Joshua Hyde WBC20th
2015Robbie McCutcheon WBC 12th
2014Jordan Stevenson WBC16th
2013Henry Haslett WBC26th
2012Leonard Tukahashi-Fry MBSC4th
2011Leonard Tukahashi-Fry MBSC11th
2010Olivia MacKay NSC3rd
2009No results found
2010Olivia MacKay NSC13th
Updated 10.07.20
Past NZ Optimist Sailing TeamsIODA Events


Sailors qualified but unable to attend due to COVID19

WorldsJoe Leith, Sean Kensington, Noah Shirley, Jasper Camenzind, Noah MalpotItaly
European ChampionshipAlex Norman, Will Leech, Louie Poletti, Hermione ArisEstonia
North America’s TeamTom Rebbeck, Fred Burrage, Valentine Kayrouz, Tom PilkingtonMexico
Asian & Oceanian TeamOli Stone, Miro Luxford, Liam Richards, Winston Liesebach, Joshua Ferrissey, Ben Catton, Cameron Brown, Charlotte Palmer, Nicola Hume, Jessica RedpathSri Lanka
Updated 13.07.20


WorldsGeorge Lee-Rush, Lucas Day, Harrison Loretz, Hugo McMullen, Amelia AngusEnglish Harbour, Antigua & Barbuda
European ChampionshipNoah Malpot , Noah Shirley, Rowan Kensington, Vivian Webster-ChungCrozon-Morgat, France
North America’s TeamValentine Kayrouz, Jasper Camenzind, Tian Lo, Louie PolettiNassau, Bahamas
Asian & Oceanian TeamAlex Norman, Sean Kensington, Liam Richards, Joe Leith, Ashton Williamson, Ethan Fong, Fred Burrage, Hermione Aris, Isabelle Letcher, Charlotte PalmerMussanah Sport City, Oman
Updated 16.07.20


WorldsGeorge Lee-Rush, Joshua Hyde, Amelia Angus, Mason Mulcahy, Hugo McMullenFamagusta Nautical Club, Cyprus
European ChampionshipLucas Day, Robbie Wooldridge, George Pilkington, Naiomi FerrisseySheveningen, Netherlands
North America’s TeamNed Bacon, Lucy Leith, Noah Shirley, Stella BilgerSingapore
Asian & Oceanian TeamTom Pilkington, Harrison Loretz, Sean Sun, Nicholas Drummond, Jasper Camenzind, Noah Malpot, Hermione Aris, Katie Hadfield, Teaghan Denny, Isabelle Lecher, Zachary FongNgwe Saung YC & Resort, Myanmar
Updated 16.07.20


WorldsSeb Menzies, David Buchanan, Monty Alderson, Josh Gilmore, George Lee-RushRoyal Varuna Yacht Club Thailand
European ChampionshipMason Mulcahy, Josh Hyde, Thomas Mulcahy, Greta PilkingtonYacht Club Port Bourgas Bulgaria
North America’s TeamLizzie Shapland, Robbie Wooldridge, Brayden Hamilton, Nathan Vince, Luc GladwellRoyal Canadian Yacht Club, Toronto. Canada
Asian & Oceanian TeamWilliam Beauchamp, Jordan Dakins, George Pilkington, Max Scott, Sean Sun, Freddy Wright, Ruby Baynes, Amelia Angus, Sydney Cunliffe, Carrington BradyRoyal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Hong Kong
Update 15.07.20


WorldsHenry Wilson, Campbell Stanton, Gavin Ninnes, David Buchanan, Seb MenziesPortugal
North America’s TeamThomas Mulcahy, Sophia Fyfe, Josh Schon, George Lee-Rush, Caleb Armit, Will HadfieldEnglish Harbour, Antigua
Asian & Oceanian TeamLuke Cashmore, Robbie McCutcheon, Brayden Hamilton, Ashton Guy, Greta Pilkington, Rebecca Morgan, Joel Kennedy, Harry Edwards, Emily Overend, Lachlan DillonTrincomalee, Sri Lanka
Updated 15.07.20


WorldsSebastian Lardies, Sam Bacon, Craig Keenan, William Shapland, Sam MorganPoland
European ChampionshipRobbie McCutcheon, Oliver Cowley, Pat Morgan, Ben Paterson, Alice HaslettItaly
North America’s TeamZachary Scheiwe, Albert Stanley, Josh Berry, Francesco KayrouzTBC
Asian & Oceanian TeamCampbell Stanton, Henry Wilson, Ben Nathan, Will Wright, Harry Corston, James Barnett, Ben Baynes, Nina Mannering, Emily Overend, Kaya TobinQatar
Updated 16.07.20


WorldsScott McKenzie, Sam BaconLewis AndersonJackson Keon, Kerensa JenningsArgentina
European ChampionshipSam Morgan, Jonathon Weston, Sebastian Lardies, Greta StewarIreland
North America’s TeamJordan Stevenson, Pat Morgan, William Shapland, Josh Armit, Craig Keenan, Xanthe CopelandMexico
Asian & Oceanian TeamAlbert Stanley, Robbie McCutcheon, Jack Tripe Joshua Berry, Campbell Stanton, Nina Mannering, Tess PatersonBahrain


WorldsNick Egnot-Johnson, Alastair GiffordHenry Haslett, Leonard Takahashi, Jackson KeonItaly


WorldsLeonard Takahashi, Tim Adair, Isaac McHardieWilliam McKenzie, Cameron MossDominican Republic


WorldsTaylor Burn, Naomi Mannering, Erica Dawson, Keith Inglis, Jack CollinsonBrazil
North America’s TeamJayvee Buchanan, Trent Rippey, Olivia McKay, Mahia PepperDom. Republic
European ChampionshipCharlotte Corston, Oscar Rorvik, Ryan Amlehn, Ben CaundleSlovenia
Asian & Oceanian TeamWilliam Linkhorn, Liam Banks, Liam Closey, Jamie Middleton, Ellie Copeland, Markus Somerville, Michael HaytonMalaysia


WorldsLogan Dunning Beck, Sam Mackay, Andrew McKenzie, Erica Dawson, Naomi ManneringTurkey
European ChampionshipJayvee Buchannan, Vicki Callinicos, Alex Munro, Henry WilkinsonLake Garda
North America’s TeamKeith Inglis, Olivia Mackay, Nicholas Gunn, Alex DyettCuracau
Asian & Oceanian TeamTaylor Burn, Jack Collinson, Alice Noyer, James Roberts, Charlotte Corston, Trent Rippey, Cole RippeyQatar


WorldsLogan Dunning-Beck, James Turner, Alexander Maloney, Chris Steele, Sam Mackay (Andrew McKenzie withdrew with an injury)Uruguary
North America’s TeamSam Mckenzie, Ashleigh Lamberg, Naomi Mannering, Tomer Simhony, Paul Hazard (Marcus Hansen withdrew)Mexico


WorldsMarcus Hansen, Chris Steele, Luca Hyatt-Brown, Thomas Saunders, Jamie DawsonUruguay
North America’s TeamAlexandra Maloney, Logan Dunning-Beck, George Kool, James TurnerPorto Rico
NZIODA Girls Development Squad (GDS)

This started as a new initiative by NZIODA in approximately 2015 the GDS team and has gone from strength to strength.  Now in its 6th year the aim of this squad is to provide the top 10-12 girls ranked in the top 100 a chance to race and make friends with other female sailors around New Zealand and further afield.  The squad has proven to be one of NZIODA’s success tories in producing marked gains in skills and lasting relationships among sailors. There is a high percentage of Girls who have participated in GDS who go onto represent NZ at IODA events and are still strongly supported by NZIODA at seasons end, even when anticipating moving out of the class.

Currently the team now travels annually to Noumea for the Noumean Nationals in October. The team bases itself out of Casa del Sole.

Indicative cost for travel is around $5,000.00 to $6,000.

The team manager and coaches put together a programme of activities from the end of Nationals through to the team departing.

2020Unable to attend due to Covid 19: Hermione Aris Murrays Bay SC, Charlotte Palmer Charteris Bay YC, Nicola Hume Murrays Bay SC, Jessica Redpath Murrays Bay SC, Tessa Clinton Wakatere BC, Chloe Armstrong Worser Bay BC, Zoe Mains Glendowie BC, Hannah Williamson Wakatere BC, Kelly Su Kohimaramara / Royal Akarana YC, Katie Mulcahy Murrays Bay SC – Coaches – Xanthe Copeland and Olivia Christie
Katie Mulcahy, Freya Caisley, Jess Redpath, Chloe Armstrong, Eden Amos, Miya Prescott, Tessa Thornley, Frances Wright, Zoe Mains, Isabel Shannon
Hermione Aris, Lucy Leith, Izzy Lecher, Vivien Webster-Cheung, Teagan Denney, Niamh Shannon
Hermione Aris, Lucy Leith, Katie Hadfield, Grace Still, Teagan Denney, Stella Bilger
Greta Pilkington, Lizzie Shaplan, Chloe Boyce, Sydney Cunliffe, Helena Sanderson, Annabel Limbrick, Ella Wilcox, Ruby Baynes, Sophia Higgott, Stella Bilger
Updated 15.07.20
NZIODA Development Squad

The team now travels annually to Noumea for the Noumean Championships  in October. The team bases itself out of Casa del Sole.

Indicative cost for travel is around $5,000.00 to $6,000.

The team manager and coaches put together a programme of activities from the end of Nationals through to the team departing.

12 Year Olds: Unable to attend due to Covid19: Moss Hopkins Queen Charlotte YC, Harry Shannon Wakatere BC, Leo Brown Royal Akarana YC, Hayden Chisholm Charteris Bay YC, Andrew Jensen Torbay SC – Coaches – Henry Gautry and Peter Soosalu
11 Year Olds: Unable to attend due to Covid19: Nelsen Meacham Wakatere BC, Louis Quere Royal Akarana YC, Ashton Cooke Kohimaramara YC, Nathan Soper (Aged 9) Charteris Bay YC, Lucy Luxford Charteris Bay YC – Coaches – Henry Gautry and Peter Soosalu
12 Year Olds: Miro Luxford, Sam Clarke, Joshua Ferrissey, Marcel van der Voot, Jed Potbury
11 Year Olds: Ben Catton, Will Leech, Blake McKinnon, William Mason, Oli Stone
Joe Leith (1st U13) 4th overall, Sean Kensington (2nd U13) 5th overall, Cam Brown (3rd U13) 8th overall, Jack Parr, Tom Rebbeck, Louie Polletti, George  Cole Baker, Alex Norman, Karl Mashall, Danni Wooldridge
Lucas Day, Rowan Kensington, Noah Shirley, Naoimi Ferrisey, Robbie Woolridge, Jasper Camenzind, Alex Norman, Louie Poletti, River Hopkins, George Cole-Baker
Sean Sun, Suede Cowley, Wilbur Stanley, Luc Gladwell, Luke Armstrong, Robbie Woolridge, Lizzie Shapland, Amelia Angus, George Pilkington, Ned Bacon
Thomas Mulcahy, Mason Mulcahy, Josh Hyde, Nathan Vince, Suede Cowley, Luke Armstrong, Luke Cameron Smith, Monty Alderson, Tim Roper, Josh Schon
Updated 10.10.20


NZIODA are working with suppliers to provide an on-line service this coming season. Details will be posted once available.

All sailors need to be registered before 1st October 2020 for the upcoming season to qualify for representing NZ in one of the many teams.

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