NZIODA Life Membership

Current Life Members

NZIODA Life Membership is an honour bestowed on an individual whose exceptional, loyal and outstanding service and contribution has provided a measurable impact on Optimist sailing in New Zealand.

Life MembersYear Award BestowedServing Years
Barry Davies2006Life member for 16 years in 2022
Keith and Kathie Elliot2005Life member 17 years in 2022
Mike & Lorna Judd2004Life member 18 years in 2022
Helen Eagalestone (deceased 2014)2004Life member for 10 years
Paul & Pat Pritchett1980Life member 42 years in 2022
Updated 11.11.21
NZIODA Life Membership Criteria

Life Membership is the highest Award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of an individual or individuals to Optimist Sailing in New Zealand.  It is therefore only awarded in exceptional circumstances to a recipient for long, well documented and meritorious service. 

Recipients must have during their time, advanced or improved the sport of Optimist Sailing significantly, such that their contribution is widely recognised as outstanding. 

NZIODA Life Membership Nomination

Any current financial member of NZIODA may nominate another member for consideration for a Life Membership award.  Although the NZIODA Constitution does not stipulate a nomination be seconded, The NZIODA Committee recommend that a nomination needs to come from 2 or more members and then seconded by a Senior Member of NZIODA*.

Nominations must be submitted in writing and must be signed by either a current or previous member of NZIODA and then sent to

The nomination should be prepared so as to set out the achievements and activities of the nominee and at a minimum must meet the award criteria as set out below. 

Nominations must be received by the NZIODA Committee no later than the 1st of February preceeding the AGM which is held at Nationals in either March or April.

To nominate someone please fill in the attached NZIODA Life Member Nomination Form and review the Criteria and Guidelines for Life Membership and Nomination.

NZIODA Award Criteria

In considering the award of an NZIODA Life Membership an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of Optimist Sailing in New Zealand.

The following points will be taken into account when considering any nomination:

  • The nominee’s length of service to NZIODA and Optimist sailing shall be at least 10 years.
  • The general attitude and overall demeanour of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the values of NZIODA
  • The nominee will have demonstrated a commitment to the principals and values of NZIODA
  • The nominee will have provided valued leadership and/or been an outstanding role model to the members in general
  • The nominee’s service must reflect favourably on and brought credit to NZIODA

Important Note

The above points apply in whatever role the nominee has participated in during their service to NZIODA.  Achieving the minimum service levels will not in any way automatically guarantee the award of Life Membership.

Process for Assessment of Applications

All nominations must demonstrate attainment of minimum service requirements and other details of exemplary service.

The NZIODA Committee will assess any nominations for Life Membership based on the established criteria.  The NZIODA Committee will discuss and consider application over two regular NZIODA Committee meeting prior to the AGM ie February and March.

The NZIODA Committee will assess all nominations put forward and only those nominations that the NZIODA Committee considers worthy of Life Membership shall be endorsed and put to a vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The final list of endorsed nominations for the award of NZIODA Life Membership will be individually voted upon at the NZIODA AGM (a unanimous NZIODA Committee vote will be required for approval).  Life Memberships will be awarded at the next convenient NZIODA Ranking Regatta.

Retraction of an NZIODA Life Membership

Retraction of a Life Membership may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of NZIODA generally. 

This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances and will require the unanimous agreement of the NZIODA Committee to be enacted.  As part of the deliberations, the Life Member in question is to be given an opportunity to present their case for retention of their Life Membership status.

Benefits of Life Membership

In addition to the status of membership of a select group within NZIODA, Life Membership will be recognised by:

  • Award of the Life Membership at the next NZIODA Annual General Meeting or next convenient NZIODA Ranking Regatta.
  • Listings in the NZIODA website and other official documents
  • A certificate and plaque of Life Membership
  • Invitations to attend all official NZIODA functions
  • Voting right at AGM*

This Award policy will be effective from 1st December 2020.  This policy is to be reviewed at the NZIODA AGM two years after introduction in November 2022.


By 1st February:

Nominations presented to NZIODA Committee on relevant forms.

NZIODA Meeting February:

Nominations reviewed by NZIODA Committee

NZIODA Meeting March:

Nominations reviewed for second time at NZIODA Committee if required.


Nominations presented to AGM

Presentation of Life Membership at NZIODA Annual General Meeting or next convenient NZIODA Ranking Regatta to be decided by NZIODA Committee


Below changes to be tabled at next AGM tbc 2022

  • Currently the NZIODA Constitution Life Membership is called Honorariums.  The NZIODA Committee recommend that a name change be implemented.
  • Currently the NZIODA Constitution does not stipulate a nomination be seconded.  The NZIDA Committee recommend that a nomination needs to come from 2 or more members and then seconded by a Senior Member of NZIODA.
  • Currently the NZIODA Constitution does not state that Life Members have voting rights.  The NZIODA Committee recommend that Life Members have voting rights.
  • Currently the NZIODA Constitution does not state the following “in the event that NZIODA Committee believes that the nominee is not worthy at this stage for Life Membership, the NZIODA Committee will inform the nominators and they can decide whether or not to proceed with the nomination in accordance with the Constitution”.
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