Day 6 in Noumea for Girls Development Team

The last few days have been busy. We finished our training on Tuesday and attended the Opening Ceremony that evening at the CNC Yacht Club. It was a lovely evening, the Poi dance went well and we met all the other competitors. Yesterday (Wednesday) was our lay day and our group took the glass bottom boat ferry service out to Master Island to snorkel with the turtles which was amazing! We ferried back to Duck Island which has great snorkelling for coral and fish. The winds to date have been from the S to SW direction and mostly in the 8 – 12 knot range. 

Today, our 6th day in Noumea was the start of the Regatta. We drove up the hill to look out over the race course and check out the wind directions around the islands, shifts, puffs and waves. Registration and briefing took place in the morning, and the first race started at 1pm. The SE trade winds returned today in full force, ranging from 17-25 knots. There were many capsizes, nose dives and a bit of gear damage. The Race Committee managed to get 3 races in before calling it a day. Our Girls fared well with some top ten finishes and gutsy performances in the strong breezes. Racing starts at 10am tomorrow with 6 races scheduled. Team dinner of nachos and ice cream tonight, with Coaches debrief and an early night is the plan! 

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