Day 9 Oman

Second day of qualification racing today. Another typical Omani day – no wind in the morning which makes rigging very hot. Sailors launch at 11am as the thermal wind begins to kick in. The three races were held in 8-14knots and pretty big waves.

Today the racing got away without any general recalls which meant the sailors had a significantly shorter day and came in less exhausted.

Sean Kensington and Joe Leith have sailed consistently well and after six races have easily made the cut for gold fleet. Another 5 sailors sit on the cut between gold and silver fleets – it’s looking likely that Ashton Williamson and Liam Richards will make the cut while the other 3 will just miss it. A special mention needs to go to Izzy Lecher who dislocated her shoulder in the last race on day one, popped it back in and continued sailing. She sailed all three races on day 2 and looks like she only just missed the cut for gold fleet.

Today is teams racing day. Team will be Sean Kensington, Ashton Williamson, Liam Richards, Fred Burrage and Alex Norman. Go Team NZ (Flying Kiwis!)

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