Day 8 Oman

First day of racing today and what a day!! Every wind speed from 2-18knots, a big swell, 1.5hr wait for the first race in yellow fleet, followed by several starts (2 under black flag) meant 2.5hr wait for blue fleet and another 3 starts for them before they were all away. That was just the first race. They sailed 3 races in total and 6-7hrs after leaving the shore the sailors returned as the sun was setting.

A mixed day for team NZ. Some good racing for a few and some big challenges for others. After a long day on the water we don’t yet have results for the last race and there are a number of inquiries into scoring for race two from all the teams.

Despite the 6-7hrs on the water our sailors are feeling remarkably good. Heat management has been key and so far so good. Off to bed now and looking forward to a slightly shorter day tomorrow.

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