Euro Race 3

After a day of frustration yesterday when sailing was abandoned due to lack of wind we finally got the winds we expected to get in Europe. There was great excitement when rigging boats this morning in winds of 15 to 18 knots and the team finally got to wear their Rooster team sailing jackets. Launching is difficult in calm conditions so today proved to be extremely difficult. There was a collective sigh of relief when all the Australasian boats were launched and we could stand back and watch the ongoing carnage on the ramp with boats from other countries.

Tom (Australia) had the best results today and caused great excitement in the team throughout the day. He had a 5th followed by a 1st and a not so good last race being a 50th.

Jack had a consistent day with a great start of 12th and  27th then 36th

Ken had an awesome start to the day with an 17th and then had 57th and a 24th

Zak started with a 45th and then a 35th  and then came back with a stunning 13th

Our girls both prefer the lighter conditions and found the windier conditions difficult.

Carolina (Australia) had a 48th but had a better second race to finish 39th then a 31st

Ellie’s first race was  41st and 43rd and in the third race rounded the top mark in the top ten but then capsized when her life jacket got caught in her boom. She managed to gain some ground back and finished in 49th


Tom 50th

Jack 76th

Ken 85th

Zak 87th

Carolina 79th

Ellie 94th

Tomorrow is an 11am start for those watching on the GPS. The forecast is for 15knots again and the plan is for another three races.

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