Euro Race 4

Today started with more excitement, again to we were greeted with winds of around 15knots. It was an early start with everyone sailing out to the race course by 10am. It was a day of mixed results for both Aussie and Kiwi sailors but overall the girls out did the boys both moving up 10 places overall.

The winds dropped all day ending with about 8knots. As it dropped it became very shifty and hard for the sailors to read.

The sailors are realising how important the starts are in this standard of fleet. Zak commented yesterday “the starts are everything…. probably 90% of your race”.

All the sailors have made huge improvements with the starts but they definitely aren’t as aggressive as the European – this shows as I think we must be the only team left with no OCS’s or Black flags.

Today we only managed to get two races due to numerous general recalls including black flag generals where some sailors collected their 3rd OCS.

The highlight of the day was Carolina’s awesome start in race 2 which had her 3rd round the top mark. She managed to hold top 10 to the finish.

Carolina 30th 10th moved up to 65th
Ellie 16th 25th moved up to 83rd
Tom 43rd 49th placed 65th
Zak 48th 34th placed 86th
Ken 39th 66th placed 99th
Jack 66th 63rd placed 105th

Boys’ fleet has 145 sailors. Girls’ fleet has 101 sailors.

Back to a 12pm start tomorrow. They are expecting light sea breezes for the next two days so it maybe challenging to get all 12 races in.

Report by Jan and Susannah

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