Euro Race 1

The day started on time with the children launching at 11am but that was when the dramas started. There had been a muck up with the colours as some teams had their girls in the boys’ fleet. Coaches were urgently called ashore with children left stranded on the course in stiflingly hot and still conditions. As it turned out the AP flag was raised and the children were returned to shore. The wind came in and children re launched at 3pm with new colours.

There was very tricky wins today with light 3knots sea breezes.

Carolina had the best day with a 37th and a 16th to finish the day sitting 49th over all.

Ellie had 44th and 34th. She is currently sitting in 74th.

The girls are racing in a fleet of 101.

Tom is our best placed boy with a 39th and a 48th and is placed 85th

Ken had a 53rd and a 47th and is 98th

Zak had a 40th and a 69th and is 108th

Jack had a 51st and a 60th and is 110th

There are 146 boys in the fleet.

All the sailors are really struggling with the starts as they are far more aggressive than what they are used to. They are all positive and know if they fix their starts they will be more than competitive.

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