Summary report for Junior Boys Team Noumea 2022

The Junior Boys Team 2022 have just returned from an amazing and unforgettable experience in Noumea, New Caledonia. Along with the senior boys and girls teams, we became a very large family, and were fortunate to be able to share skills of parents such as medical professionals, boat builders, sailing professionals and a French speaker. As well as training for sailing, together we visited an English class at a local French school and went to an island for snorkelling with turtles and sea snakes.

The Noumean sailing club (SRC) Commodore, coaches and parents were incredibly hospitable to us, the boats were in good condition and they provided a friendly atmosphere at the club for each delegation (Australians and Tahitians were also at the event). The kids enjoyed the daily facebook photos and the media coverage was impressive with live radio interviews, tv cameras and newspaper stories.

On the water the junior boys gained confidence in consistent high winds and experienced 17 regatta races in 4 days. There were 2 age categories, and Finloe Gaites (MBSC) came 1st place in the 2011 and over DOB category, with Jake Dickey (NSC) in 2nd place. In the older category, Callum Hyde (WBC) reached 4th place overall. Matteo Barker (MBSC), Ekhi de Jager (NSC) and Will Fyfe (MBSC) also had excellent results, showing that NZ sailors can certainly keep up with the locals. A huge thanks to coach Wade Tresadern, their Pied Piper. He certainly had the patience and skills to support them on land and on the water!

Heather Gaites (Team Leader Junior Boys Team)


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