Teams Racing Day Oman

Yesterday was teams racing day and our team of sailors (Sean Kensington, Ashton Williamson, Liam Richards, Fred Burrage and Alex Norman) had a good day. First match against Oman 2 resulting in a win. Second match against overall favourites and eventual winners Thailand 1 proved to be a little more challenging and unfortunately we couldn’t beat them! Third (and final) match was lost to Brazil (who are a strong team but had lost their previous match on a technical penalty). Overall the team were happy they had sailed their best and sailed in with coach Peter!! While 5 of the team were sailing the other five made the most of the activities the hotel has to offer and hit the Zipline.

By far the most exciting news from Oman though is the storm that passed through in the early hours of the morning causing havoc around the hotel and boat park. A huge thanks to our event organisers who got up at 4am to secure the boats which are safely tucked away while the wind reaches over 40knots. The trees, aqua park, stage and signage have not been so lucky. The storm is due to die down around midday but since we will then have to wait for the thermal winds we are not sure what sailing we will get in today.

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