South Island Optimist Clinic 2015

WAINUI CAMP, 17 December — 21st December 2015

The SI Optimist Clinic was held once again in Wainui for the 3rd year in a row and in my opinion has been the most successful to date.

The clinic was made up of 32 sailors, 5 coaches and 6-8 parent help. Matt Coutts was the head coach with Gareth Moore as his second in charge. Jayvee Buchanan, Naomi Mannering and Abby Goodwin made up the rest of the team. All the coaches did a fantastic job of organising the coaching and other events during the 4 days. They worked tirelessly from 7am — 9.30pm ensuring the children had fun as well as learning new skills.

The Clinic kicked off with children arriving by 5.30pm on the Thursday with a welcome dinner at 6pm. Each day was fitness at 7.00am followed by breakfast at 8am then off to their groups for briefing and heading down to the boats to get ready for the morning sailing. The children would head in for lunch and then back out for the afternoon for racing. The day would finish with dinner and then activities/games in the conference room.

On day 3 the children had a destination sail to Akaroa where they played Cricket, Touch Rugby and had hot chips. Gareth organised to have the children do a problem solving game on the return trip to Wainui. Each child was given an egg and had to bring it back to Wainui safe and sound, there were some very innovative measures taken with a good number of eggs being returned still whole.

The last day of the clinic we were becalmed but the coaches organised a pirates race where rudders were stolen, boats hijacked – a lot of fun.

Each child received a feedback form from their coach which outlined their strengths and also things to improve. I believe the children had a very enjoyable experience at the clinic.

A huge thank you to OWNZ and NZIODA for the funding, to Nelson, Queen Charlotte and Charteris Bay yacht clubs for the use of their ribs and also to all those that supported the clinic in other ways.

Fitness Training

Dots In The Distance

Cricket In Akaroa

Hot Chips In Akaroa

Sailors And Some Eggs Return Safely To Wainui

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