Sailor Registration

To register your sailors with NZIODA please enter your sailors details in the following registration site using the current season registration link.

Please note: Once you complete registration form you will receive an confirmation email with the payment details. Once you have paid there is a manual process to reconcile your payment with the registration record which will trigger a registration completed email. If this is delayed, please don’t be concerned as it can take some time to process.

Registration enacts your sign on/off identity necessary to enter any ranking events or camps. Annual subscription will allow the association to invest in maintaining country leading systems, amazing officials and continuing to enhance and improve the experience for all sailors, families and organisations involved in this fantastic class.

The 2019/20 season fees have been set at:

Learn to Race: $0
Green Fleet: $50
White Fleet: $100
Open Fleet: $100

Current registered members can be found here

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