The RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup – Bermuda 2023

Recently Sailor Charlie Bridger travelled to Bermuda with his mum Juliet.  Below Juliet shares what it is like to be part of this invitational only event by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.   
Charlie was presented with a unique and exciting opportunity to attend the prestigious RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup, thanks to an exclusive invitation from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.   Accompanied by me (his Mum), we embarked on a journey to the picturesque Caribbean island of Bermuda.
Dede, the regatta chair, played a pivotal role in organizing this remarkable event, skillfully pairing international sailors like Charlie with warm and welcoming Bermudian families. What sets this regatta apart is the tradition of overseas sailors staying with local families. This unique experience not only offers insights into Bermudian life but also encourages camaraderie among sailors from different nations, making it an unforgettable experience for Charlie.
The regatta officially commenced with training sessions led by a highly capable and approachable coach from the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. The coach’s dedication was evident as he assisted each sailor, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The sailors ventured into the Great Sound, a scenic sailing spot with initial wind conditions ranging from 14 to 20 knots, and very shifty!
The first day of the regatta featured wind conditions between 13-17 knots with right side favoured.   Day two brought new challenges, with wind speeds averaging 23 knots and gusting up to 31 knots.  It was a demanding day for those lighter sailors. The racecourse, favoured boat end and left, presented the sailors with tricky wind shifts and choppy waters. Navigating through patchy and gusty conditions added complexity to the sailing experience.
Unfortunately, on day three, the local schools closed due to a hurricane warning, preventing the young sailors from venturing into the Great Sound.  This unplanned break allowed the sailors to bond and enjoy some quality time together including many games of Uno.
Charlie finished with a commendable 6th.  He was pleased with his performance, considering the competition he faced. What stood out for Charlie during this trip was the opportunity to connect with his host sailor and fellow sailors from various corners of the globe. The unique “one sailor per country” format allowed for unforgettable interactions and made this experience a truly memorable one for Charlie.
Juliet Bridger

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