Kill Cords- Important NZIODA Notice

We want everyone at NZIODA to have the most fun and memorable experiences possible, but safety must always come first.

Kill Cords are one of the most essential safety features for small powerboats and coach and support boats are there to protect everyone on the water.

Following several recent tragic events worldwide caused by inadequate Kill Cord usage, NZIODA wishes to highlight to all sailors, coaches and parents/caregivers the importance of Kill Cord usage.

For reasons of safety the NZIODA’s standard sailing instructions are as follows: 

“All support vessels shall always have a Kill Cord attached to the driver while the engine is running, unless prior written exemption has been provided by the Organising Authority.”

NZIODA will take actions if Kill Cords are not worn at all NZIODA regattas. Further, if you are not wearing a Kill Cord, then the coach/support person and the sailors being supported may be penalised.

For more information on using, regularly maintaining and wearing your Kill Cord head to our dedicated web page.

Love every race by staying safe!

Best wishes from the New Zealand International Optimist Dinghy Association


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