Toyota Optimist National Championship Maraetai Sailing Club 2021 Chief Measurers Report

This year we followed the procedure for pre-contest Safety Checks used at Worser Bay in 2020 for those clubs able to undertake this. This does reduce the time and manpower needed at the event. I would recommend we continue with this. Approximately 65 to 70 % of entries were safety checked at the sailor’s club prior to Maraetai. The host club may still want to undertake some random checking to ensure boats have remained in the correct condition in accordance with their “Organising Authority” responsibilities.
This year again random checks were undertaken prior to boats leaving the shore each day to confirm the sail, mast, boom, sprit, rudder and dagger board serial numbers were those listed at time of registration. This meets the class rule that only permits the listed items tabled at registration to be used during the event. Damaged items can be replaced after inspection. If this is required it is important for sailors to understand that the paper work is required for the replacement item confirming it has been measured and is compliant. No replacement items were requested during the event.
During the pre-race checks and the on the water checks we also checked mast movement and spent some time explaining how the rules regarding this are interpreted and applied. There are still a large number of sailors competing where the mast movement exceeds the max allowable 3mm. Any mast movement identified as being excessive required the collar to be replaced. Some sailors checked, replaced mast collars despite having recently already replaced them. No sailors were penalized for mast movement non-compliance at this event. I have sent two documents to the International Tech Committee on the 9th of April regarding my concerns with mast collars that do not offer sufficient life span before becoming non-compliant and also again, questioning their interpretation of the rules given their previous statements made going back to 2018. I will send out a note on this rule when I hear back from the International Technical Committee.
The pre-race checking time proved to be useful in that several groups formed at these times where various class rules could be explained around a fully rigged boat.
The following items were measured and checked prior to and during the event.
5 sails, 2 sails numbers only
8 foil sets, 5 rudders only, 2 dagger boards only
5 full sets of spars, 3 sprits, 2 booms
37 random on the land checks were undertaken prior to racing. During this time a number of groups formed where discussion and explanation of various rules took place.
57 on the water rule and safety checks were undertaken.
1 whistle not tied in, 2 luff bands out of position, 1 paddle not tied in.
It appears that quite a number of sailors register hull numbers incorrectly when registering. I intend to put out a document for all sailors describing where to locate the various numbers needed for registration.
Generally I would say the class compliance with the Class and Safety Rules is good. If I can sort out the mast movement issues we currently have, I believe the fleet will then be very good.
I enjoyed catching up with everyone again this year and look forward to seeing you in Napier 2022.

Bob Witham
NZIODA Chief Measurer


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