NAMs Team ready to Rock

Tomorrow is the first official day of the regatta. Parade and opening to come with racing starting Sunday. Our sailors have prepared well without missing a dip into the local culture along the way. Pre regatta routines have been established with measurement completed early. With many teams now arriving the Nassau Yacht Club yard begins to overflow with multiple languages and all manner of teams scrambling to fit in a practice sail. We can now accomodate the heat and as the pace here starts to escalate will take a lay day to relax before the regatta. The team are in good shape and looking forward the the event.

Team hits the news -liberally reported!

Head Measurer – Belgium- briefs our team

Measurement tent for spars and foils- Bahamians

Sail measurement table – Irish Measurers

Training on the Blue Bahaman Briny

Ramp log jam

Michael our daily local pre regatta Bahaman taxi driver

End of day – they wouldn’t try the ‘Conch with Veges’

“I though you brought a key”

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