AIMS Games – Day 2 results

Quite a different day today with no rain but much more wind to go with the cold which saw a number of retirements from racing due to being too cold or too windy.

While yesterday was a day for lighter / smaller sailors today tended to suit heavier sailors.
Fleets were split again into White and Pink based on yesterday’s results so today’s White fleet saw a battle between Joe Leith, Nicola Hume and Oliver Scott with Nicola crossing the line first in the day’s first race but unfortunately had an OCS meaning Oliver Scott took the race win. Oliver Scott won the second race with Nicola close behind in 2nd place while in the 3rd race Joe Leith was well clear ahead of Oliver Scott.

In Pink fleet the battle was between Sean Kensington and Alex Norman and in the first two races Alex was ahead early but in both Sean caught and passed him. The third race saw Blake McKinnon pick up a big shift to pass Alex and Sean and take the race win.

Over all Sean Kensington, on 5, holds a 1 point lead over Alex Norman who in turn holds a 1 point lead over Joe Leith. With the last day tomorrow it will all be decided in tomorrow’s finals racing.

On the schools front Murrays Bay Intermediate School holds a slim 2 point margin over Birkdale Intermediate School.

Tough sailing all day in cold conditions, well done to everyone that stuck it out in the cold and battled the brutal tides at the top mark.

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