Condolences – David Gautrey

NZIODA is sad to learn that David Gautrey of Wellington’s Muritai Yacht Club passed away on September 20th at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK, aged 52 years.  David, an accomplished sailor himself, instilled the love of sailing into his family, but it did not stop there. Many young sailors throughout New Zealand  benefited from David’s  kindness and gentle wisdom that never failed to leave an impression. Whether on the land or on the sea  support  was never very far away. If a coach needed a hand to get the best out of a sailor, a mark needed shifting, a course needed setting, a few words of comfort or a simple well done, great race, or better luck next time, it always came with a wide beaming smile and  a sense of sincerity that gave the moment something special to many sailors.

His friendly face and support will be greatly missed at our regattas, he has left us with many great memories of a truly valuable and highly respected member of New Zealand’s sailing community.

NZIODA passes its sincere condolences to David’s family, his wife Sue and sons George and Henry. 

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