2012 Travelling Teams

The following teams have been selected to represent NZ at overseas championships:

National Ranking              Name                       Club

WORLDS              Coach Chris Steele          

1                        Leonard Takahashi               MBSC
2                        Tim Adair                            Wakatere/MBSC
3                        Isaac McHardie                    Hamilton/Kohi
4                        William McKenzie                  Kohi
5                        Cameron Moss                     MBSC

NAMs                   Coach Susannah Pyatt  

8                        Nick Egnot-Johnson             MBSC
9                        Henry Gautrey                    Muritai
17                      Scott Inglis                         Taupo/Napier
15                      James Wilson                       MBSC

EUROS                  Coach Briar Dye-Hutchinson       

10                        Alastair Gifford                   QCYC
11                        Lola Stoodley                    Timaru
12                        Hamish Clark                      QCYC
13                        Sam Simpson                     Kohi

ASIANS                Coach Sam McKenzie    

14                        Joshua Handa                    MBSC
19                        Cole Rippey                      Tauranga
22                        Ava Mannering                  Napier
26                        Blake Woodfield                Taupo/Napier
29                        Henry Gibbs                      QCYC/Worser Bay
31                        Kerensa Jennings               MBSC
30                        Travers Cole                      CBYC

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