European Champs – Day 2 & 3

2011 European Optimist Championships

Thursday 30 June – Second and third days sailing

 It’s now day three in Tavira for the New Zealand team at the 2011 Euorpean Optimist champs and the team has completed a solid build up.

They yesterday enjoyed a good breeze of 8 – 10 knots and were able to train with the Singaporean, USA and Canadian teams. They did several races together and the Kiwi team’s pace improved throughout the day to the point where they scored some solid results against the other teams. They came in tired but pleased with their work.

Today is another stunning blue sky day but little wind – maybe only 2 – 3 knots on the ocean outside. Given there was so little breeze, the team went out in the RiB to investigate the current on the coast. There appears to be a consistent current flowing in a south-easterly direction across the course area towards the Spanish border, regardless of the daily tidal movements and despite being on a river mouth. This has been a big surprise. Completely contrary to what we expected.

The team has worked hard on their boats over the last couple of days pimping them out to match their boats at home and optimising them as much as we can. Everyone has learned heaps about boat set up from coach Susannah Pyatt.

Nick’s sail tube finally arrived after a very roundabout trip on it’s own account from London. It had been unpacked so we suspect it got subjected to a security search hence it missing the plane. He is very relieved to have his own gear back.

The team had planned to have tomorrow off but will now try and sail for 2 – 3 hours tomorrow, then do the invite race on Sunday in final preparation for the first races on Monday.

The team is getting on really well and in between sailing and boat work is giving the hotel swimming pool and ping pong table a thrashing.

Good luck to the New Zealand team in Los Angeles starting the North Americans tonight. Go Kiwis at the NAMs!

A further update tomorrow…


Lola, Zak, Cole and Nick.

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