Euros Report 2

The Australasian team has been busy over the past three days training and becoming familiar with the conditions in Kamien Pomorski. Yesterday was a quieter day with Susannah deciding the children needed rest before the regatta starts. They trained for two hours in the morning in light winds and then spent the afternoon looking around Kamien Pomorski. This included a trip to John the Baptist Cathedral and viewing an enormous musical organ. Fortunately for the team it was being played when they visited which left them awestruck. In the evening the team joined other teams in a visit to a working Viking Village around 30 minutes from where they are staying. This village is incredibly impressive with people living there over the summer and living as the Vikings did. The highlight for the boys was trying on the Viking armour and using their weapons.

Today was the practice race for the regatta. The children loved the opportunity to have fun along with all the other teams. They were able to test their speed and ensure their gear was fully operational in racing conditions. All have come away feeling confident before the racing proper begins tomorrow.

This evening we attended the Regatta opening ceremony.  What a big and impressive ceremony it was! Obviously hosting this event is huge for Kamien Pomorski as it seemed the whole of the town turned out. 
The evening started with the parade of nations. Funnily enough New Zealand came right at the end after Uruguay and before the host nation, Poland. Every other country got ordered in English alphabetical order. We think they may have disregarded the New in our name and ordered us by Zealand. They certainly didn’t like it when we tried to reorganise it :-)We paraded past most of the township who were going wild as we approached (we do believe however that it may have been because Poland were right behind us).Zak was our flag bearer and Carolina was Australia’s flag bearer. They had to carry the flags up to the front area of the stage. There were speeches, dancers and Vikings – really it was a great evening. A lot of work was put into making the children feel special. We missed the fireworks as they were not starting until 11pm (it is only dark here about then) and we needed to get our children back to bed.

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