White & Open Fleet

The White Fleet is intended to provide a full race experience for developing sailors without the physical demands of Open Fleet or the frustration of being scored “Did not Finish”.

The White Fleet is where our junior sailors enjoy sailing but not in a stressful competitive environment. White Fleet caters for those sailors who have transitioned out of Green Fleet but have chosen not to compete at Open Level.

Open rules apply to this fleet. Time on water is approximately 4–5 hours with a wind limit of 20 knots. White Fleet are out on the Open Fleet course and this is a great opportunity to get a feel for Open Fleet while being in the “white” fleet environment.

The Open Fleet may be scheduled to sail more races and spend longer on the water than other divisions depending on regatta conditions and scheduling. The target wind conditions are approximately 4 knots to 25+ knots.

Boats who do not finish in the time limit can either be scored DNF (Did Not Finish) or apply for a SRS (Still Racing Score).

By entering the Open Fleet a sailor is accepting a challenge to test their skills not only against the best sailors at the event, but also in any conditions, which may be variable and physically demanding. Open Fleet time on water is approximately 4-5 hours with a wind limit of 25+ knots.

For more information, download our free guide for White & Open Fleet. It’s packed  with all the info you’ll ever need, defining the different classes and explaining the opportunities that are out there such as fun regattas, rankings, national trophies and training – and so much more!

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