2020 NZIODA Travelling Teams

IT IS IMPORTANT to note that this year there are a few factors effecting the Travelling Teams who will find themselves eligible after the 2020 Nationals in Worser Bay. Firstly: With the Olympics falling in this year, IODA our international body, have pulled the Worlds and Euros events forward meaning there will be very minimal time for organisation and training before our teams depart NZ. If you feel it is possible to make a Team be prepared for this. The uniform information has already been delivered to the top 30 ranked in light of this.
Secondly: The Asian Team will rank next in the order of eligibility for Travelling Teams.
Thirdly: Due to the IODA requirements NZIODA will not know whether we can send a NAMs team till May 1st. This team will rank fourth in eligibility according to ranking and wcan be commissioned only if places are offered.

All dates and requirements for these events can be found as posted on the International Optimist Website under events. http://www.optiworld.org/default/events/index/ini/1

We wish our sailors a great event in Picton this week.

NZIODA Committee.

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