NAMs Team – Day Off and Opening Ceremony

Last days of prep have been filled with further practise races in fleets of up to 120 sailors. Conditions remain steady with balmy winds of 12-15 knots. Waters are warm with some tide and chop is experienced in the shallow Montagu Bay where racing is held. With prep finished the team took the day off and headed to town. They joined throngs of locals down town and mingled with tourists off the visiting cruise ships.
Pirates, cooking (with rum) and music were the main flavours of the day.
Following a short break at the hotel to swim they were onto the opening ceremony. Our team presented a Pounamu Pendant and a Tiki for the Hurricane Relief fund as well as performing our thanks and offering a challenge through the traditional Haka.
Racing starts tomorrow.

Montagu Fort

Waterfront St – 5 cruise ships in.

Local style

They really got into this.

True to form.
Even Libby got a new guy

Put a stop to that
No more pirating thanks

Next found in the Rum cake factory Note-Jasper/hairnet!
They claim it’s all locally made

Not sure about that

Well thats what the door sign said

Steel drummer in the Main St.

Swimming with the pigs( you can look that one up)

Straw Market
Straw Market carver

Trying the merchandise

Outa Town yooz guys…
Back ready for the Opening Parade
Bahaman Police Band

Team NZL
Military tattoo ( musical sort) at the Nassau Yacht Club

Our Poolside Haka

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