Vision, Values & Mission

Who is NZIODA?

We are a National Class association affiliated to World Sailing and Yachting NZ that supports the development of all NZ children through sailing. We believe access to the Optimist and its supporting community provides NZ children with unique opportunities to develop life skills

Vision & Values (Why)

Within sailing in New Zealand to be a leading class association sustainably funded, transparent in its communications and able to provide continuous year on year development. To keep the Optimist class affordable, easy to participate in and to establish a high quality centreboard pathway for sailors within a thriving community where its people can be the best they can.

Mission (How)

To promote and manage Optimist Sailing in New Zealand as a vehicle for developing both sailing & life skills by applying and upholding our values to all decisions and activities we undertake. Particularly fostering activities that provide:

  • Access
  • Learning and Development
  • Sense of inclusion to this community

Objectives (What)

Current (as at November 2019) – To pursue its financial objective and secure the association financially. Explore more suitable development pathways for our sailors Look to ways we can secure year on year continuity particularly coaching and sailor development.

Capabilities & Pathways

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