Optimist Fleet Structure

Optimist Fleet Structure

A new sailor to the class will typically join a local club and start their sailing journey through a Learn to Sail (LTS) program at their local club.

Once a sailor is confident and happy to progress they will move into a Learn to Race fleet and continue to learn sailing basics with a strong emphases on enjoying the sailing experience.

Green Fleet is the next step in a sailors journey where great emphases is placed on sailing technique and understanding the sailing rules of the road.

Once sailors are ready to progress from Green Fleet (and your club will have guidelines/criteria to help you understand when this is) the primary path is for sailors to move to White fleet as it allows a smaller transition step between Green Fleet and Open Fleet while also provides a less competitive fleet for those sailors who enjoy the social aspects more than the competitive sailing.

Open Fleet is for those sailors that enjoy the competitive aspects of sailing and have a desire to make a NZIODA travelling or Development Team.

Please note:

1 – At any point (between regattas e.g. a sailor chooses their fleet at regatta registration) through the season a sailor can swap between White Fleet or Open Fleet and are able to transition between them at will.

2- A sailor can only be in an NZIODA Development Team once and if a sailor has been in a NZIODA Travelling Team they are not eligible to be in a NZIODA Development Team.

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