International Friendship Regatta Japan 2022

The Japanese Friendship Regatta programme is now in its 20th year and forms a unique offering to our NZIODA members.  Each year two NZIODA Optimist open fleet sailors who are not in a travelling or development team are eligible by invitation only to participate in the International Friendship Regatta in Japan. 

The Japan Friendship Team is convened by invitation between members of the New Zealand sailing community and the Japan Junior Yacht Club Union.

The sailors must travel with a parent, are provided boats and sailors only are billeted for some part of their stay. 

This is an international regatta with several other junior classes competing and the emphasis is on cultural exchange.  Our Japanese hosts have shown a long and outstanding tradition of hospitality to our sailors through this connection and the racing and supporting events are highly organised.

The sailors are rewarded with a truly amazing cultural experience, gift exchanges, and sight-seeing.  Sailors are required to make a trip presentation to the NZ convening panel upon their return.

The purpose of this programme includes:

  • International travel experience for Open Fleet Sailors
  • Cultural exchange with sailors of other Pacific rim Nations (e.g China, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia.)
  • Cultural exchange
  • Learning to manage charter boat set-up

Successful applicants will be responsible for flights to and from Japan, visas, travel insurance and any coaching fees.  Ask any past NZIODA exchange families and they will all agree this is one of the highlights of your time in the junior fleet.

Japanese Friendship Regatta Details:

2022 Dates to be confirmed (typically first/second week of August).
The Friendship Regatta is held annually in a different city in Japan further details to follow.
By invitation only.
Two (2) current financial members of NZIODA and one (1) from the Starling Fleet.
One (1) Yachting New Zealand Qualified Sailing Coach with current NZIODA endorsement.
No team manager is required for this trip. However, we recommend that there is a parent lead.
Approx $4,000 (Includes share payment of coaches air fare & expenses).
Approx $180 per sailor tbc.
NZIODA Admin Fee:
$50 per sailor.
Updated 15.01.22

NOTE: Caveat re COVID19 – For 2021-22 season. At the time of publishing NZIODA cannot guarantee that this event will take place this season. Updates will be notified in advance by NZIODA committee.

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