Equipment & Measurement

Once a sailor moves into Green, White or Open fleets then NZIODA has a responsibility to ensure that all equipment complies with International Class Rules which can be found on the IODA site here.

When you purchase your Optimist Equipment (Hull, Spars, Sail, Foils) you should get a Measurement Booklet (Hull) and Measurement Certificates (Spars, Sail, Foils) for each group of equipment. These Measurement Papers will be required to prove your equipment is compliant when you enter an NZIODA regatta. It is up to the regatta organising authority as to the level of safety and measurement checks they perform prior to accepting your entry.

If you have a non-compliant piece of equipment then you can either alter it to make it compliant or replace it with a compliant one.

NZIODA appoint a Chief Measurement Officer and his Measurement Team, who’s role is to answer any equipment questions you may have and ensure competitor equipment meets the Class rules.
If you don’t have, lose or alter your equipment (most common items are sail number changes) you can contact your closest Measurer to get a certificate for your equipment.

Certificate Costs

To get your equipment certified by a NZIODA approved measurer it will cost you $10 per certificate. Each certificate may contain multiple equipment items e.g. A Foil Certificate includes both Centerboard and Rudder. A Spar certificate includes Mast, Boom and Sprit.

This charge goes to the Measurer to recover a small portion of their costs that include time, travel cost and printing but by no means fully covers their costs so please treat them well!

Contact details for NZIODA Measurement Officials can be found here.

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