A big surprise for our sailors in Noumea on Race Day 2

After 1 ½ days of traditional Opti courses, the NZ Development Team were thrown a curve ball in the form of an out and back harbour course this afternoon.  A windward slog, a reach round the back of Ile Uere island and then a fast downhill slide and a short reach to finish outside the club greeted the team this afternoon.

I caught up with NZ Boys Development Team Sailor Tarryn Bates for a catch up after the race to get his take on the race and the regatta so far.

What I’d you think of the regatta so far?

“Great racing and a nice surprise this afternoon with the Harbour Course.”

How did the race go for you?

“I got an ok start, hooked left to start with and then went right as it looked like more pressure. Unfortunately I went too far right and got caught in the wind shadow of the island when coming back to the channel to go around the back of the island.”

How was the reach around the back of the island as it looked pretty gusty from where us parents were?

“No it wasn’t too bad as the wind had eased to where it was earlier this morning and because of the narrowness of the channel and the boats were really close together.

You had to be really careful as it was quite shallow and one of our team hit the bottom with his centreboard!  Also the wave pattern was difficult and changed as we went around the island.”

How was the downwind.? It looked as though it was going to be an epic ride as the wind was really accelerating along the mainland shore.

“Yeah it was great and I managed to overtake about 8 boats as I didn’t get too far over towards the shore, kept on the edge of the breeze and sailed a shorter course.”

Moving onto the regatta in general. How were the nerves racing your first international regatta? It looked to me that the parents were more nervous than you sailors?

“I was pretty nervous to start with but as soon as we got out on the water I managed to turn that nervousness into excitement.”

I know the coaches have been excellent and working really hard with you guys. What has your coach been working with you on?

“I have been working really hard on kinetics in the sharp chop and definitely learning how to sail and bail.”

What’s the best part of the regatta so far?

“The warm weather.”

Thanks Tarryn.


Grant Currie

NZ Development Team Parent

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