We have just finished Day 1 here in Noumea

The day began with everyone meeting in the lobby to hop into vans and cars to the yacht club. One of the cool things that happens is that all of the sailors travel to the venue together and parents fit in around getting the sailors there as 1 unit.

After arriving the whole team was straight into their work with parents and kids working together to set up the boats for the day. One of the lessons for the kids today was to set up the boat to what’s in front of you, not what you might think is going to happen or what is forecast. Out on the water then you can adjust your boats accordingly to what is happening out there.

The day began with a 7 to 12 knots from the SE and the breeze was phasing right to left across the race course meaning that you had to be committed to what side of the race course you wanted.

3 races were held in the morning with the breeze slowly building throughout the day peaking around 18 knots throughout the day meaning that everyone had their range of conditions to suit them at some stage.

Everyone had their own highlights and challenges. A few of the highlights were great results from Lauchy Wills, and Blake Duncan. Blake Duncan won the opening race while, Charlotte Handley absolutely bossed it to win the final race of the day in emphatic style.

Other notables were the fight backs from Annabelle Cartwright who had a block come apart at the start and Lauren Arnold who capsized. Both were dead last by a considerable margin but fought back courageously to finish the respective races.

Grant Currie

Parent NZ Girls Development Fleet

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