‘Nutrition for sailing’ – the new publication from NZIODA!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our brand new publication, Nutrition for sailing, a joint collaboration between Jenny Bates, Naturopath & Nutritionist, and NZIODA!

It’s 15 pages of essential information to give your young sailor (and all the family!) the best possible start on race day and far into the future.

As well as essential nutritional advice, meal plans and dietary insights, ‘Nutrition for sailing’ has the inside track on the importance of hydration, how the brain responds to nutrition, top tips for race day food, and much more.

We are so grateful to Jenny for her expertise, time and generosity in sharing her knowledge with NZIODA.

‘Nutrition for sailing’ is free, and you can download it HERE.

‘Understanding the profound impact of nutrition on our young sailors can set them on a path filled with resilience and boundless potential.’

Food for thought… and fitness, and well-being indeed! Enjoy your free guide.

Best wishes from the NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association

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