You are on your way with our NZIODA handbooks!

Do you know all about the amazing resources we have for Optimist sailors and their parents?

They are free, and packed with all the info you’ll ever need; defining the different classes and explaining the opportunities that are out there such as fun regattas, rankings, national trophies and training – and so much more!

It all starts here! – A Guide for New Optimist Parents – Learn to Race & Green Fleets is sent to all new fully paid NZIODA members.

You are on your way! A Guide for Optimist Parents– White and Open Fleet

NZIODA Guide to Traveling and Representative Teams

We have more than 22 resources for you to sail into, to take you from your first steps to… Olympic glory – well, you NEVER know!

What are you waiting for?  Visit our web page HERE.

Best wishes from the NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association

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