Looking to raise monies to attend NZIODA Regattas and Events?

Nationals is fast approaching and it’s a busy time for all of us.
You may not be aware, that we have some resources available to you should your young sailor need some assistance in financing the next important stage of their Opti career.
Asking for donations, etc. is hard for many of us, let alone young competitors. So we’ve taken the time to carefully curate some letters and tips, which might make it easier.
Through these letters you can contact friends and local companies, ask for a birthday donation or even request funding by presenting at a locals service club or organisations to share experiences and raise Opti awareness!
The letters are downloadable and can be amended as you wish. You can find the templates on the NZIODA website HERE. We hope you find them useful and we would really appreciate your feedback.
Best wishes from the NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association

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