The 2023 Edition of the IODA Handbook is now available online

Download the latest copy of the IODA Handbook 2023 which contains the Articles of Association and information relating to Championship Conditions from our website HERE.

Did you know that the IODA Handbook is updated each year following the proposals submitted according to Article 17, 90 days prior to the Annual General Meeting?   All changes that were approved at the 2022 AGM are shown in red type in the 2023 Edition.  

The Articles of Association are the rules that govern the class. The Championship Conditions are the rules on the format, bidding, entry, and championship organization etc. of our six Continental and World Championship events. The IODA Handbook is a very important reference document, and we encourage everyone in the class to download it for future use. 

Best wishes from the NZ International Optimist Dinghy Association

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