The NZIODA Special General Meeting

The NZIODA Special General Meeting will be held via zoom.

Date:  Wednesday 6 July, 2022
Time:  7.30 pm

NZIODA “Special General Meeting” to ratify a new constitution and to make minor changes/corrections to the NZIODA Constitution that was dated 4 April 2021.

The changes are highlighted in the attached constitution document which can be found here.

These changes relate to sections…
3.2          (a), (b), (c)
3.6          (a)
5.1          (d), (f), (g)
5.2          (a)
8.1          (b)

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 840 1553 6828
Passcode: 527718
Time:  7. 30 pm

NZIODA Committee


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