Buoy Zone App

During the recent (Jan 30 – Feb 1 -2021) NZIODA Auckland Champs Ranking Regatta hosted by Murrays Bay Sailing Club the race committee used the Buoy Zone app to plan and set the courses. Buoy Zone is a very clever course management app designed by Alex Amsler and Rob Cleghorn, both Kiwi sailors and advocates for sailing as a sport.

Buoy Zone allows race officers to create a fully accurate course in the app, which is then shared with those in support boats who can use the app to navigate to where to drop the marks. It takes the guesswork out of where to drop marks for support boats and only takes a few minutes to lay a perfect course.  A recent feature also shows all active courses overlaid on the map. This was particularly useful for the race officers during the recent regatta as there were often three or more active courses in close vicinity.
The user friendly app helps clubs run thousands of races every season with users and clubs now spread across 35 countries. NZIODA recommends all clubs use it because it simplifies race course management for race officers and support boats alike. Have a look at the video here on how to create a course with Buoy Zone.
Plan a 100% accurate course and once you’re ready, share with the support boats instantly via the Buoy Zone app. It’s that simple!
Find out more at: www.buoy.zone or download the app www.buoy.zone/share

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