The China Exchange Tour 2021 should be ON!

Here at the NZIODA, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have received a renewed invitation to our sailors to participate in the China Exchange Tour for 2021 in Qingdao in August.

This sailor exchange programme is now in its fourth year. It’s a wonderful opportunity for six lucky Intermediate-level young sailors to head to the Qingdao Administration Centre of Sailing Sport; take part in the complimentary training camp and regatta, and experience some unforgettable international travel and competition.

Away from the competitive aspect of the trip, it’s an incredible chance for our sailors to experience different cultures and create life-long memories – just ask any previous exchangers! And as a parent or caregiver, you get to come, too!

Six successful  applicants will qualify from the White Fleet ( Four) and from Open Fleet (Two) Sailors for this event can be accompanied by parents and will travel with one coach and one manager. 

This trip really is the opportunity of a lifetime for keen sailors wishing to build experience towards o/seas regattas ! You can check out all the information; including costs, trip details and the application process on our dedicated website page:

Good luck, sailors. We can’t wait to hears your stories!

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