NZ 2020 Optimist Worlds Team

The New Zealand 2020 World Optimist Team were thrilled to have their NZIODA Ranking Caps presented to them last weekend at the Emirates Team NZ Base.  They were shown around the base by Ray Davies and enjoyed being able to go inside the shed and even got to play on the AC75 boat Te Arihe and the 1/2 sized Te Kahu.  A highlight was the boys having a go at helming the boats.

 The little boat Te Kahu was indeed quite big up close at nearly 40 foot, and Te Arihe looked like a jaguar ready to pounce.  Both boats had minimal gear onboard and look ultra light and fast!
The boys also tried out some of the gym exercises their heroes on the boat do everyday, the grinding machines a favourite with the gearing very hard for Opti sailors!

Thank you to Ray Davies for showing the team around and the kind words that making the NZ Worlds team is such a great achievement.  Ray said he hoped the sailors would be sailing for ETNZ one day.  Ray then presented all the boys their ranking caps, including Noah Malpot via FaceTime in Nelson.

Joe Leith, Sean Kensington, Noah Shirley and Jasper Camenzind then enjoyed some laser tag and pizzas, with the boys beating the parents on the night!

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