NZL4717 – 2019 Worlds Incident

Disciplinary Statement from NZIODA

Conduct Committee held a hearing on 4th August with Harrison Loretz in relation to a reported  incident involving him at 2019 Worlds.

Findings: The Committee found Harrison seriously breached the “ NZIODA Sailors Travelling Team Code of Conduct 2019” by directing language at another competitor that was inappropriate and offensive.  

Apology : Prior to the hearing the committee received an unsolicited written apology from Harrison expressing remorse for his reaction, acknowledgement that he had let himself, the class and the NZ sailing fraternity at large down, and offered assurance in the name of good sportsmanship to act with due consideration in the future.

Outcome: The committee accepted Harrison’s apology and were informed of his future intentions. In the light of his age, experience, and commitment to his sailing, the committee agreed to offer him final opportunity to demonstrate his intentions. Accordingly his apology has been accepted and he has been issued a final written warning:  Immediate suspension from NZIODA will follow should Harrison be found using abusive language in the course of competing in any fleet racing or found culpable of any other actions as might bring the Optimist class into disrepute under its Sailors Code of Conduct.

Comments: The conduct committee are cognisant of the fact that we are dealing with junior sailors at the beginning of what we hope will be a longer term journey. The process has been thorough and wasn’t easy for all involved. Never the less boundaries must be maintained though its recognised they will always be interpreted and challenged in a competitive environment. In sailing as other sports it is not the competitiveness to be discouraged, rather its some of the behaviours it might produce. Most especially those that support unsportsmanlike like manners. Accordingly NZIODA look to the sailing fraternity, and particularly parents in this class to model and encourage our sailors to develop good relationships. We hope the message of this hearing signals ways that each may find to provide and support opportunities for the better development of our young sailors.

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