2019/20 NZIODA ranking calculation

The NZIODA ranking is determined by ordering your NZIODA Score from lowest to highest with the lowest score receiving a ranking of 1, the next 2 and so on until all sailors have been ranked.

The NZIODA Score is calculated based on your placings in various NZIODA ranking regattas and NZIODA Optimist National Championships.

The NZIODA Ranking score is calculated based on:

a) 40% of your total ranking score, 20% each based on the best two regatta results from:

  • North Island Championship Regatta
  • Auckland Championship Regatta
  • Interislander Regatta 

e.g. if you placed 50th at North Islands, 40th at Auckland Champs and 30th at Interislander your best two (2) results would be 40th and 30th. You would ‘drop’ your worst result (50th).


b) 60% of your total score from Optimist Nationals 

Based on the above examples and if you placed 40th at Nationals then your NZIODA score would be:

40*60% (from Nationals) + 40*20% + 30*20% (best two results from North Island Champs, Auckland Champs and Interislander) = 24 + 8 + 6 = 38 (Total Score)

This score is then ranked with all other sailor scores to provide the Seasons Ranking and allow allocation into NZIODA travelling teams. 

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