NAMs Report 2

Hi Everyone,

It has been two days since our last report, yesterday we woke up to rain and some good wind so the team headed out for a practice at around 12pm and finished the afternoon sail lining up against a number of other teams for a race.  They all did well and  were all happy with their boat speed and how they were sailing.  Yesterday was the offical opening day of the regatta and we had the opening ceremony last night.  Unfortunately the weather was not so nice but the rain manage to stop for the teams to do their parade down the street piped by a pipe band player to a grand looking hall here in the University grounds.  Once inside all the teams representatives went on stage with the country flags, and the town cryer opened the ceremony.  The offical speeches took place all pretty standard and it was all done and dusted pretty quickly.

Just for a difference today we had a very over cast day with no wind. Everyone headed out at around 12pm for a practice race, but due to the lack of wind the racing was abdandoned at around 2pm. Tonight it predicted that we will get a storm and have wind tomorrow, but it is already 8.55pm and there is no sign of a storm and it is as still as.  Hopefully it will kick in as they have said and we will have some great racing.

Catch you all later

The NAMS team

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