NZIODA 2019 Travelling Teams Selection Criteria *UPDATED*

At the 2019 TOYOTA Optimist Nationals, NZIODA will announce the Top 25 Ranked Sailors and the 2019 Optimist Worlds Team. All other Travelling Teams will be announced at a later date once Teams have been confirmed.

Selection for 2019 is as follows:

Worlds – Top 5 Ranked Sailors 

Euros – Next Top 4 Ranked Sailors (must include 1 from the opposite gender)

North American Champs – Next 4 ranked sailors. Another 2 spots may be possible including gender requirements if notified by IODA as NOR published.

Asians – Next Top 10 Ranked Sailors (must include 3 from the opposite gender)

Japan Friendship Regatta – Next Top 2 Ranked Sailors – This regatta is by invitation from the regatta organisers who may stipulate other criteria but traditionally the sailors must be 12 years old 

Noumean Development – Top 5 Twelve Year Olds based on National Champs Results; Top 5 Eleven and Under Year Olds based on National Champs Results. NOTE: A Sailor may only be in the Noumea Development Team once. Eg. they cannot go as an 11 year old and again as a 12 year old.

Girls Development  - Top 6 Ranked Girls inside #100 Ranking to compete in New Caledonian Nationals, Noumea. Note that for 12 and 11 and Under Year Old Girls, the Girls Development Team takes precedence over the Noumean Development Team. Both GDT and NDT are competing at the same Regatta for 2019

RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup, Bermuda – Top Ranked Sailor – This regatta is also by invitation from the organisers who may stipulate other criteria 

NZIODA ranking calculation

The NZIODA ranking is determined by ordering your NZIODA Score from lowest to highest with the lowest score receiving a ranking of 1, the next 2 and so on until all sailors have been ranked.

The NZIODA Score is calculated based on your placings in various NZIODA ranking regattas and NZIODA Optimist National Championships.

For the 2018/2019 season, the NZIODA Ranking score is calculated based on:

a) 30% of your total score from the best result from North Island Champs or Interislander Picton Regatta 

e.g. if you placed 50th at North Islands and 30th at Interislander your best result would be 30th


70% of your total score from 2019 Optimist Nationals 

Based on the above examples and if you placed 40th at Nationals then your NZIODA score would be:

40*70% (from Nationals) + 30*30% (best score from North Island Champs or Interislander) = 28 + 9 = 37 (Total Score)

This score is then ranked with all other sailor scores to provide the Ranking.